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Sep 08 05
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Punk Voter and Fat team up to release benefit CD for PROTECT!

PROTECT is a national, pro-child, single-focus membership association committed to building a powerful, nonpartisan force for the protection of children from abuse, exploitation, and neglect. Republican, Democrat, Green Party, or Libertarian party affiliation doesn’t matter when kids get screwed over. We’re talking about the whole nasty gamut. Kids in horrible situations including incest and rape that they didn’t ask for and certainly don’t deserve.

Politicians of all stripes know they have to talk up “family values” during election years. As soon as the polls close, all that tough talk grows limp, like a balloon animal losing air. The dark side of this political reality is that kids can’t vote. Kids can’t oust politicians so politicians can essentially ignore them. Until now.

This compilation is a nonpartisan force of punk: a diverse collection of twenty-six songs by bands who donated their talents to the cause. To sweeten the pot, we’re not just talking filler. It’s a great cross-section of what’s being played in this great land of ours, from tender acoustic ballads to hammering hardcore; snotty pop punk to frenzied country punk; pretty songs that soccer moms can bop along to and cement-mixing churners that’ll start pits anywhere, from corn fields to stadiums to bedrooms.

It features previously unreleased tracks by well-known bands like Against Me!, Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba, MxPx, Anti-Flag, Communiqué, and a live version of Jawbreaker’s “Want.” It’s also brimming with unexpected surprises: stark and direct songs by Lagwagon’s Joey Cape, Avail’s Tim Barry, and H20’s Rusty Pistachio. To round it out, it also takes risks by scouring the underground and coming up with you-should-hear-them, soon-to-be-favorites, The Soviettes, The Tim Version, Western Addiction, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Ergs, Grabass Charlestons, the Arrivals, and many more.

This benefit CD in your hands in real, pragmatic ways will help in the fight to chip away at children’s political powerlessness, one kid and one law at a time. The United States is a battlefield. Music’s one of the biggest weapons punk rock’s got. This time, it’s pointed directly at people who are fucking kids over with impunity.

All profits from this CD will be given to PROTECT.

PROTECT’s power comes from its membership. From folks like you. If you’re not a member, consider it. Visit www.protect.org protect.org for further information.

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