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John Feldmann
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deMOCKcracy Personal Encounter With Ashcroft's FBI

Driving home at 5:00 PM on a Friday afternoon with my wife, sweaty from the gym, I was pulled over by a cop right in front of my house. I was asking my wife if she ran a stop sign, maybe speeding, when the cop told me to get out of the car with my hands above my head. I was then frisked (they thought my cell phone was a weapon) and asked to sit on the curb. By this point there were 13 government cars, 20 cops (guns drawn), 6 FBI agents, and two helicopters. It was fucking gnarly.

Being that we just moved to the neighborhood, they chose the perfect time to make our new neighbors think we are major drug dealers or some major porn people.

The next thing that happened was the main FBI dude came to me with a search warrant and said "Mr. Feldmann, we have a search warrant signed by a judge to search your house. You can let us in, or we will break down your door." I couldn't think what I could possibly be linked to to have created such a hoopla. I asked a cop what they were looking for and he said nothing. Upon entry, they started searching every room (with guns still drawn) and asked questions about my studio, my
computers, some literature, etc.

I learned that a house was tagged by graffiti in Santa Monica. My wife and I had been protesting the manager of the Los Angeles animal shelters one month prior to the raid (his name is Jerry Greenwalt, who kills 50,000 innocent puppies and kittens every year for $150,000 a year salary, paid by tax dollars. (www.animaldefense.com/firegreenwalt.html)

It turns out, he is best friends with the mayor of LA, they had a record of my license plate from the protest, and had traced it to my house. When the graffiti happened, we were the prime suspects.

Could it be that they spent over $100,000 of our tax dollars to raid my house over a little spray paint? Apparently so. You see, there is this "law" called "The Patriot Act". The government has the right to
seize whatever they want from whomever they want if they have probable cause to think you are involved in a terrorist act. I am not a terrorist, I just want to save lives. I believe animals are not on this
earth to be our slaves, our research tools, or our food. I support the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) in what they do. I know how frustrating it is to write letters to politicians and do protests and see nothing
change. At least the ALF are making a difference. The cops were just trying to scare me into keeping my mouth shut. They are trying to silence me in speaking up against the government's constant terrorism
against animals. Animal shelters are big business. Employees of LA shelters get more money the more innocent animals they kill.

One thing cops no longer say is "You have the right to remain silent". This is still a right of mine as an American citizen. This is your right as well. NEVER SAY ANYTHING. Make them work for the
information. Whatever you say to them they will twist around and use against you in court. Tell them that you have to wait for your lawyer before you talk, even if you have no lawyer.

In the end, they took some t-shirts, some animal rights literature, and some video tapes. They took the front page of my phone bill, as related to Sec. 201 of the Patriot Act. They are trying to shut me up.
They have lost. I am not scared. I have the right as an American to speak up against America. I am a true patriot. I am a true American. I will always speak up for the innocent, oppressed, the voiceless.

For more information:

Actual sections of the "Patriot" Act:
Sec. 201. Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic
communications relating to terrorism.
Sec. 202. Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic
communications relating to computer fraud and abuse

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