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Theo Kogan
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deMOCKcracy My Body My Choice

Just to start you off, with some background info...
My name is Theo Kogan. Some of you may know me from the band Lunachicks.
I have been Pro-choice since I’ve understood what it means. As soon as I turned 18 I registered to vote. I was so excited that finally, I could have a say in the choices of leadership in this country! Now our choices are in jeopardy and if we don't make our voices heard, we may loose many of our freedoms!
As a person and as a WOMAN I value my freedom, whether its the freedom to speak out,
to look the way I want,
live the way I want, create art and music,
choosing what I want to do with my body,
whether it's my hair color,
tattoos, piercing,
squeezing a zit,
plucking a hair or having an abortion.
Deciding to end a pregnancy isn't easy. It sucks.

BUT it is a woman's choice! Not a man's choice, not a government's choice,
not a supreme court justice's choice not anyone else's choice but hers.

Our President wants to take this choice away from us and is doing whatever he can to make this happen. Appointing Supreme Court Judges who want us to PRAY when we have menstrual cramps, of course practice abstinence and want to outlaw abortion as a choice. Why? This is because of religious beliefs. Fundamentalist Christian beliefs.

We live in a country where there is supposed to be separation of Church and State. There are people in office who would want us to have a baby that was conceived thru a RAPE. Do you want that to happen to you? Or your girlfriend, or your best friend, or your sister, or your daughter? Our foremothers + forefathers fought for these rights.

We have grown up in a world where some of us take this for granted, but I am telling you now, if you don't vote for a pro choice president, the right to choose will be taken away Supreme Court Judges are appointed FOR LIFE, like the Pope.

The party in office now is a right wing party that hates people like us. They hate individuality. They hate our right to choose because they say they respect ALL LIFE. Is killing thousands of innocent people in Iraq respect for ALL LIFE? No.

When George W. Bush was Governor of Texas he had 162 people executed -without question by the Death Penalty. Is that respect for all life? It seems to me he has more respect for a fetus than the lives of the living. Living women who have their own decisions.

Mr. Bush said during his speech at the Republican National Convention as well as many of his cohorts in Office have said during the week of the GOP that they will fight for their belief in the rights of a fetus. Just so you know, 6-8 week old fetus is smaller than your pinky nail. Not the gigantic sized fetuses you see on their supposed "Pro -life" poster propaganda, which I personally have seen mostly toted by who? Men, that's right.

Men who can't even begin to know what it is like to have to make this kind of choice, or how important it is to have the right to it. This stance also includes many women, like Senator Dole, who made her anti-choice anti-gay marriage, and love of her 'God' very clear as a voice of all Republicans. I wonder what she would do if her daughter was raped? Pray?

Ok so if you have the information, DON'T LET YOURSELF BE SWAYED!!!
This Presidency and this election has been a huge marketing campaign.
Things are worded so you will be fooled. IF IT NEEDS TO BE ONE ISSUE LET IT BE THIS!
Or, we and our friends, sisters, girlfriends, mothers and our future children's lives will be at stake.

My life. My choice. Your life, YOUR CHOICE.
Men, women, girls and boys, I beg of you, stand up and be counted!
Your vote matters! Your opinion matters!! Let your voice be heard! Now!



for more info please go to www.prochoiceamerica.org

Ok children,
let me clarify some things. Even though i believe i already did. Yes, it is a WOMAN'S choice whether or not to have an abortion. We are the ones who have to carry the baby , give birth or decide not too. you may have a hard time with this, but that's just too bad. Try controlling something else in your life.

And as for late term abortions, OF COURSE i believe in them as a choice as well. I brought up the 6-8 week size because of the LIES that are pushed down our throats about fetus size at 8 weeks by the Right Wing Christian maniacs i have personally seen with their signs. I want women to have the choice no matter what. There is no reason in this day and age have back alley abortions!! We deserve proper health care all around, without question.

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