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Authority Zero
Bill Marcks
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deMOCKcracy Dubya - We Know The Truth From Bullshit

Here is my attempt to be political. While our band has been touring for the last two years, we have been forced to watch and listen to countless forms of right wing propaganda spewing forth for the consumption of the general public. While Authority Zero and I have never claimed to be political experts, there is an ability that we as free thinking human beings possess, the ability to distinguish truth from bullshit.

We were left destroyed after the attacks of 9/11. The entire populous of the United States was left with a feeling of dismay and disbelief. "W" in response to this obvious blunder of national security declared a "War on Terrorism." He called for the head of the man that he felt was responsible for the attacks, Osama Bin Laden. Bush proceeded to bomb the shit out of Afghanistan in hopes of smiting our public enemy #1 in a “Shock and Awe” Campaign. This sideshow went on for a while until it was announced that Bin Laden had most likely been killed in the bombings of the Tora Bora region in which he had been hiding. Yeah right!

Bush noted the lack of closure present in public sentiment that resulted from not showing proof that Bin Laden had been killed. “W”, with Time lurking against him in the shadows of the coming election year, resorted to Daddy's favorite nemesis Saddam Hussein. It turned out that somehow Saddam was in possession of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!! It's true! I even saw a little Tonka Truck-esque diagram of some crazy ass mobile nuke/bio-weapons station. Colin Powell furthermore showed us pics taken from satellites that showed these trucks in real life. From these pics, we as an American people were supposed to assess the great danger that they allegedly presented. Did you see these? Honestly, they had to be the most ambiguous pieces of bunk shit I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it was enough to get good ol' boy "W" a rollin'. Against the will and the opinion of the American public, a "Pre-emptive Strike" was declared on Iraq.

Lives of both Iraqis and Americans were sacrificed on the alter of lies. As I watched the taking of Baghdad, I was shocked to see the redneck behavior of those representing our country as an American flag was placed over the face of a statue of the dictator. I was in further disbelief when more and more Iraqi propaganda that once donned the face of the notorious Hussein was now replaced by images of Bush. One dictator for another...

Let's add this up. We now are in control of Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Good for us right? Wrong. Anti-American sentiment is exponentially higher than it has ever been. I have personally apologized for our behavior to many of my international correspondents. Our troops are still constantly being attacked while attempting to maintain peace.

Get this... did you know that Osama is still alive? Yeah, and it's speculated that he, and the still active Al Qaeda are still fuckin' shit up. Spain just got a taste of their infamy. The Spaniards were so infuriated with officials that supported Bush's bullshit in Iraq that they changed governments all together. Now Spain operates under a Socialist government from which we can expect a decrease in Iberian-United States diplomacy.

Ok, I'm done acting like I know a damn thing. This is just an account of what I've noticed as a layman. We, as those who know the difference between right and wrong, must take a stand! (Cliché no?) Every vote counts. If you are of voting age and have an opinion, make it count. VOTE! ¡VOTEN!

-Bill Marcks
Authority Zero

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