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About Punkvoter.com
All of the musicians’ reasons for joining Punkvoter are as diverse as the many types of music they play.

However, we all agree that this administration is moving our country in the wrong direction and we want our opinions heard. We believe in a progressive political umbrella. We have united under the fact that something must be done. Our basic issues include protecting our personal freedoms, restoring our environment, overhauling our current Department of Justice and demanding economic responsibility.

Protecting Our Personal Freedoms

Punkvoter is working to fight to defend our personal freedoms and inalienable rights. We will be the loud, clear voice for the many minorities in our society. Our government was created to protect us not harass us. We want to make sure our government continues to guarantee all of our reproductive freedoms, and all of our rights to our own personal privacies. We believe equal rights under one set of laws should be paramount in any modern society.

Restoring Our Environment

Punk voter believes our government has an important role in standing up to the big businesses and special interests that are currently trying to dictate disastrous environmental policy.

Overhauling our Justice Department

We want to send a very clear message to Washington, DC. It is time to modernize our society to match the rest of the free world. We must ban government sponsored executions and stop long-term imprisonment of non-violent criminals. It is time to repeal the Patriot Act and restore our first Amendment rights, repeal the Rave Act and restore our Freedom to Assemble, and rewrite our countries archaic and in- humane drug laws.

Demanding Economic Responsibility

Why is our government making decisions to spend $87 billion on a war in Iraq instead of providing universal healthcare coverage, improving public education, and providing assistance to the 8.9 million unemployed?

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